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Specialty equipment for the frozen food industry.

Since 1965 MARQ Packaging Systems has strived to build the best piece of equipment possible. MARQ is continuously working at incorporating the newest, most innovative technology into its equipment. This dedication is what progresses our machines to reach the high standards our customers have come to expect.

Over the years MARQ has focused on specialized markets, such as the frozen food industry, and recognized the need for specialized custom equipment. Our product settler / sealers are perfect for this industry. It allows customers to eliminate in-transit settling of frozen goods, which in turn allows for more product to be filled per case. From our smaller 36” settler to our larger 247” settler MARQ has the equipment to eliminate your packaging headaches. Our sales team works closely with every single customer to guarantee that each piece of equipment is a perfect fit for their needs.

Give them a call to see how our equipment can help you.

Posted January 16, 2014


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Prior to installing the MARQ equipment, we were using temporary labor to manually erect boxes. Hundreds of boxes had to be erected in advance to achieve efficent throughput in the Plant. The result was a State Regulatory safety issue. Since we implemented the MARQ equipment, we've resolved the regulatory issue, greatly reduced labor costs, and increased the throughput of production. The MARQ Case Erector has been an excellent solution to our automation needs.

-Clinton A., Reilly Dairy & Food

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