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Semi Automatic Top and Bottom Sealer

Semi Automatic Top and Bottom Sealer

The "LE" is a semi-automatic top and bottom case sealer that utilizes spring loaded side belts to transfer the case through the sealer.  The operator would fold the four (4) top flaps and push the case forward into the sealer.  Built with the same type of construction as MARQ's fully automatic sealers, the LE offers years of service in a small footprint and an affordable price.

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Prior to installing the MARQ equipment, we were using temporary labor to manually erect boxes. Hundreds of boxes had to be erected in advance to achieve efficent throughput in the Plant. The result was a State Regulatory safety issue. Since we implemented the MARQ equipment, we've resolved the regulatory issue, greatly reduced labor costs, and increased the throughput of production. The MARQ Case Erector has been an excellent solution to our automation needs.

-Clinton A., Reilly Dairy & Food

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